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January 29, 2011 Our employees do their part to keep Texas
clean by cleaning up a stretch of highway in Harrison County!
April 9, 2011 was our second cleanup
day on "Our" stretch of highway!
Adopt a Highway
Litter has been Robert's pet cause for some time (as anyone that has read
his letters to the editor in the Longview paper can attest!). This year, Robert
went a step farther and adopted a stretch of highway in Harrison County. He
and JoAnn asked for volunteers and had a great turnout. This is strictly
voluntary and the employees are not paid. MUCH appreciation to our valued
employees for their service (some even made it a family affair and brought
their kids!!
September 10, 2011 It was a lot cooler!
January 2012
We're back out there!
Robert's Personal Blog
Robert Crawley is working to get
more companies and
organizations involved in this
great community effort. For more
information about how your
company can join ours in
cleaning up East Texas, contact
the Texas Dept of

January 2013