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New Product Tastings
August 2016

Our team members had a tasting on
Friday August 12. We tried eight
products, both new and some already
on the 'menu'. We are adding four of
new items on a trial basis!
Our Number One favorite, EVERYONE
liked this one. It comes dry, so you can
choose your favorite condiment. The
bun was fresh and soft, the chicken
filet is flavorful.
Number 1!!
This sandwich was filling and had good
flavor, plenty of fillings!
We already carry a Chicken Salad on Croissant, this
one has a slightly different flavor. I am not a big fan
of chicken salad but this was fresh and sweet. Try it
for a limited time!
This is the only pasta dish offered
today. The pasta was tender and
makes a great alternative for lunch!
This is a cold sandwich, it has lots of
fillings and is HUGE! Got a appetite?
This one will fill you up!
Want a quick, filling comfort food
lunch? Look no further, ham on a nutty
12 grain bread. No muss, no fuss...just
a good lunch for a great price!
Clockwise from top:
Chicken Filet, Cheesesteak Hoagie,
Cajun Penne Alfredo, Patty Melt
Clockwise from top:
Market Club, Pesto Chicken Salad on
Croissant, Ham on 12 Grain, and Panini
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